• We believe in an open process and are totally focused on making your successful. We would like to share our thoughts for your input.

    Please note that this document will change constantly and without notice or warning. This is not a commitment, but rather the current plan (and will change). Community feedback is considered, so please be active.

    Known Bugs

    Important bugs recently discovered and not fixed yet.

    • nothing ATM

    Recently Fixed

    • na

    Short Term

    GP7 features for online teaching are now frozen and no new features are planned until after school starts. We believe that it is more important to have a reliable offering that just works. The remainder of the time will be spent on testing and bug fixing. Naturally we will keep working on TutorPlace administration features and our enrollment system, homework assignments and grade book to migrate most of the StudyPlace features over to TutorPlace.

    This list is features being worked on or will be worked on soon (until it changes). Please let us know if you need certain features sooner.

    • co-presenter that can change slides
    • take students to breakout rooms
    • admin recording list for general rooms
    • colorful cover boxes


    This prioritized list is the current plan based on community feedback and commitments (until it changes)

    • add multiple sections to course
      • allow the same course to be taught at different times
    • breakout rooms
      • add breakout rooms participants to the main room participant list
      • see who is talking in breakout room even when not listening to them so you can gauge how interactive the discussion is and when it died down
    • Authorize.NET for credit card payments
    • Tech issues feedback to ask what is wrong and propose actions including uploading logs and reaching out to support
    • homework assignments
    • grade book, with participation tool and attendance
    • rubriks
    • automated testing
    • show teacher away status & tech issue to students
    • lock slide position so teacher can look at other slides before showing it to the students
    • show teacher away status to students
      • useful before class starts and teacher has joined but not ready to interact with students yet
    • large timer count down on home page until class starts or resumes again
    • polling on-the-fly or in documents
      • combine with automated tests where you can specify correct answers
    • library collection shared between different teachers


    This list is a parking lot so ideas don't get lost and community members can provide input. The list is not a specific order.

    • take-over so you can step away while someone takes over
      • sync doc / slide to make it easy for new presenter to resume
      • inherit annotations to make switch seamless
    • whiteboard for diagramming
      • text in shapes
      • easy shape duplicate
      • arrow lines between shapes
        • connected; cope with moving connected shapes

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