Frequently Asked Questions

  • What level of customer support is offered during the year?

    • Online live chat for technical issues. This forum for the non-technical issues.

    Do participants need to do mic checks when entering the class?

    • No. They can change the mic before or during class by clicking on the Gear / Setup icon button.

    Can there be more than one presenter/moderator in the classroom?

    • You can have many moderators in the room at the same time.
    • Teachers and admins are always moderators.
    • Organization setup allows Family users to be moderators too.
    • Moderators can change the presenter at any time.

    Can a student be made a presenter/moderator?

    • A moderator can make any user (including a student) a presenter. You cannot become a moderator during a meeting as there is no reason.

    Can students private chat?

    • Students cannot private chat to other students. Students can private chat to moderators by using the moderator chat channel.
    • Use breakout / practice rooms for students to collaborate.

    What is the difference between an administrator and a teacher?

    • Administrators can manage your organization.
    • Depending on the organization setup, teachers may be able to manage course enrollments.

    Are students able to upload their own slides during class?

    • Yes. Students can also add documents before class and then open it from their library during class.

    Can students move themselves into and out of break rooms?

    • Yes.

    Are breakout room activity be recorded?

    • Yes. They are automatically recorded when the 2nd student joins. @see GP7 Concepts.

    Is there a limit on the number of users or participants in a classroom?

    • No technical limit. It may be hard for teacher to teach very large groups effectively.

    If we need to have a meeting with the entire co-op, would we need to create a separate room for that?

    • Yes. Unless your organization setup is open for anyone in your organization to join classrooms. Please ask us how to manage these open rooms inside your organization.

    Can classrooms be used simultaneously?

    • Yes.

    Can students be invited to a teacher’s room (not the classroom)?

    • Yes.

    Can a teacher meet a student in a study room?

    • Yes.

    What is the storage limit of the library?

    • None.

    Can there be more than one presenter at a time?

    • Any moderator can change the presenter at any time.

    What does flatten slide mean?

    • Today the whiteboard annotations are not stored in the document. We have plans to change that. If someone else opens the document, they will not see your annotations as they are stored locally on your system. When you open the document during class as a presenter, you project your annotations into class again. This is convenient when you draw during class and you don't want to keep a copy. If you want to keep a copy, you can merge the annotations into an image that is stored in the document. You can replace the current slide OR move it to a new slide when you flatten it.

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