• Game controller

    • draggable controller with buzzer that can be used with slides
    • slide from main room is visible in all breakout rooms during gameplay as a way to ask game questions

    General Rooms:

    • allow coop to create general rooms; e.g.
      • create a room for the entire coop to meet
        • option to allow non-coop users into room
      • a place for students to mingle where they can open their mics and become presenter even when not teacher is present; these rooms are recorded automatically
      • useful for open house, etc.

    Recordings classroom

    • keep classroom recording going when everyone jumps into breakout rooms
      • the result is that rooms are now terminated 5 seconds after you leave instead of immediately (for single user testing breakout rooms)


    • music will keep playing in a new room until the first mic is opened
      • previously any teacher joining would stop the music
      • music is never turned back on and does not interfere with single person testing features such as Group Video Player
      • breakout rooms never have music

    Bug Fixes:

    • flattening a slide with the cover blocks caused the cover block to be combined with the background image
    • the scroll bars on the wb should not move unintentionally anymore

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