GP7 Concepts

  • User Rights

    • Moderators can control the meeting state during a meeting
    • Presenter controls what people see and have mic control
    • Guests has no control over the meeting


    • Can always mute their own mics
    • Depending on the mic control state, can interact with the mic and hand-raise in different ways
    • send private chat to all moderators in the moderator chat channel


    • There is one presenter at a time
    • Moderators can change the presenter
    • The presenter has certain moderator features

    Moderators and the presenter can change

    • mic state
    • open and close mics for other users
    • see private chat in the moderator chat channel

    Moderators can change

    • change the presenter
    • disconnect someone
    • lock the room



    • If admin add / places / enrolls a user in a room / course, that room will be listed in the the user's room list
    • the organization setup may allow teachers to do the enrollment as well
    • (coming soon): When student enroll from the enrollment system / course list, they will be added automatically


    • Each room has a unique access code
    • Admin and teachers can use that access code to join a room in the organization that is not listed in their rooms list
    • Each room has it's own list of practice / breakout rooms

    The organization setup determines whether students and families can join rooms not listed in their rooms list.

    • Depending on the organization setup, any family member or student may be allowed to join any room.

    Open Rooms

    • open rooms are automatically recorded
      • recording is started when 2 non-moderator users are in them and stopped when one user is remaining or a moderator stops the recording
    • mic control allows for anyone to open their mic
    • allows anyone to become a presenter if no current presenter

    User Types

    Except for anonymous users, all user types have to be logged in with a valid TutorPlace account. A Non-member is logged in with a valid TutorPlace account, but not approved in your organization (yet).

    • Admin
    • Teacher
    • Family
    • Student
    • Non-member
    • Anonymous

    Admin users can use a CSV import to create users or invite users with an Invite Link

    Admin User

    • When you create an organization, you are automatically an admin user for that organization
    • An admin user, can add other admin users to the organization
    • Approve members into the organization and select their user type
    • Admin users can create Courses / Rooms and place / enroll members into that course


    • Have moderator rights in all class rooms for organization and can join any room by Access Code


    • Use a family account if you want to allow mom's to join room
    • families have guest / student roles in a room unless the organization setup allows them moderator rights to help out


    • minimal rights
    • (coming soon): will have homework assignments and gradebook (if enabled by organization setup)

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